Tripura Industrial Policy


Strategic Approach:

• Synergic Partnership – Public-private partnerships in consultancy, planning, implementation, marketing promotion, infrastructure projects etc.
• Time Sensitivity- Long time perspectives over and above any short time gain.
• Economic Soundness.
• Policy Analysis- to play a facilitatory role that can be both pro-active and responsive.

Policy Objectives:

• To improve Basic as well Industrial Infrastructure.
• Industrial Growth by attracting Private Investment.
• To improve investment climate towards better regulation by removing barriers to competition.
• Creation of hassle-free and congenial investment climate.
• To bring significant increase in the State Domestic Product.
• Widening of resources base of the state.
• Development of connectivity (Internal road, railways and air & telecom).
• Increasing linkages & Trade & Commerce with Bangladesh.
• Industries & trade development through policies and incentives for overriding locational disadvantages.
• Better social infrastructure.
• Enabling Entrepreneurship – building capacities through entrepreneurial and technical skills, training and promotion of self-employment.