Completed Projects

1. Border Haat at Kamalasagar, Shipahijala District, West Tripura Rs.2.44 crores Boarder Haat at Kamalasagar at zero line between Bangladesh & India. The project is covered with an area of 75 m x 75 m. land. In this covered area 50% land of Bangladesh & 50% land of India. This is weekly Market having 27 stalls for India & 27 stalls for Bangladesh. The construction executed by TIDC & expenditure involved `2.44 crores.
2. Border Haat at Srinagar South Tripura District Rs.2.38 crores Boarder Haat Srinagar Sabroom situated at zero line between Bangladesh & India. The project area covered by 75 m x 75 m. In this covered area 50% land of Bangladesh & 50% land of India. This is weekly Market having 27 stalls for India & 27 stalls for Bangladesh. The construction executed by TIDC incurring expenditure `2.44 crores.
3. Land Custom Station at Srimantapur. Rs.16.00 crores Srimantapur Land Custom Station at present is handling both Cargo and Passenger. The strategic advantage of this station is that the nearest city in Bangladesh from Srimantapur Land Custom Station is Comilla and having distance of just 12 KM. Important road of Bangladesh namely “Viswa Road” passing through Comilla & it is connected Chitagang Port & Dhaka which gives national access to important city and port in Bangladesh from Srimantapur Land Custom Station. Additional land near the Srimantapur Land Custom Station is available, so expansion is feasible at the Custom Station. LCS Srimantapur is already becoming a major transit point for cement, plastics, stone aggregates, food grains etc. Physical status of both Bangladesh & India is very cordial to promote, Textile and other national products.
4. Dukli Industrial Area Rs.15.00 crores Dukli Industrial area was established initially 37.17 acres of land but subsequently, Industrial areas has been increased to 43.69 acres. The project was taking for up-gradation of Road, Water Supply, Power Sub-station development of land, plots 10 nos. sheds constructed, compound wall with well protection for the growth of healthy industries. A good no. Industrial units have been manufacturing pipes, bulbs, glass, metal etc. Besides, there is a puffed rice processing industry there.
5. International Fairground at Hapania, Package – I, Phase - I Rs.38.61 crores The International Fairground has been developed for holding different exhibition to exhibit local products of the State. Keeping this in view an exhibition centre at Hapania has also been established with a view to seek potential investors and business personnel for the project considering its economic and social cultural impact. In this idea a stage for cultural aspects has been provided. Tripura Haat provides about 25 stalls, one Restaurant & Souvenir, Food Court consisting 10 stalls are available. Apart from that a beautiful Lake for boating, beautiful garden, compound wall etc. have been made available.
6. Export Promotion Industrial Park, Bodhjungnagar. Rs.10.00 crores The project envisages creation of infrastructure facilities for export oriented commodities which is near Agartala town in the West Tripura District. The total area of the project is 123.00 acres of land. High standard of infrastructural facilities is provided for setting up of export oriented product in this park.
7. Growth Centre Rs.15.00 crore This project has been set up for providing Industrial infrastructure for the growth of various Industries. The total area of the project is 242 acres of land where various Industries infrastructure have been developed such as land development, road, water supply, Gas, Fire brigade House & electricity etc. As many as 12 Industrial sheds have been set up.
8. Rubber Park at Bodhjungnagar Rs.23.00 crores This project site is about 12 KM away from Agartala town and from Airport is 22 KM. 30 acres of land utilized for establishing industrial unit. Infrastructural facilities such as road, Administrative Building, Laboratory, Ware House, Water Supply dedicated, Power supply, amenity building etc. Nos. of entrepreneurs has set up various types of rubber based product & high quality product of rubber thread etc.
9. Bamboo Park Rs.29.35 crores

135 acres of land has been developed for establishing Bamboo Park. 14 nos. sheds, roads, water supply, electricity etc. have been provided. A good nos. of entrepreneurs established factory out of which one big industry has been set up for producting Bamboo flooring, Bamboo Laminated board, Furniture made of laminated bamboo & round bamboo, partition wall, Home design materials which is very attractive.

10. Food Park Rs.7.07 crores On concept, average track record in food grain production has been started looking into the possibilities of developing the food commodities and vegetable trade. In Tripura, Banana, Pineapple, Lemon & other citrus etc. and various vegetables has been producing enough. In this project determining of food grain is going on. One Cold Storage, Packaging Unit, Water Supply, Electricity, Road were also established.
11. Food Laboratory Rs.1.40 crores One food laboratory has been established in the Food Park. NABL permission was also obtained from GOI. Now laboratory is running in full swing.
12. I.T. Park Rs.50.00 crores This building is G + 6 and very sophisticated one Green building having underground park, 2 nos. lifts, Central AC, Fire fighting system, Fire alarm, public address system, Access Control, CC TV’s, VESDA, H.V.A.C., Fire Suppression system, Water leakage detection system, Building Management System. This building is under the control of DIT, Indranagar.

Ongoing Projects

1. Up-gradation of Bodhjungnagar Industrial Area, Tripura (Modified Industrial Infrastructure Up-gradation Scheme) (MIIUS) Rs.55.38 crores The Bodhjungnagar Industrial Complex has been developed adjacent to the State Capital Agartala on about 535.73 acres of land with all infrastructure facilities like Road, Power, Water, Pipeline of a natural Gas line, AFC etc. About 90% of land has been allotted to Industrialist from all over India, especially Delhi, Bangladesh, Kolkata, Guwahati etc. Now the area has been proposed to Up-gradation, Physical Infrastructure Industry, Road connectivity, Power Development, Social Infrastructure, purified Water Supply, Common Utility facilities, Women Hostel etc. for healthy environmental Growth of Industrial Complex.
2. Up-gradation of R.K. Nagar Industrial Area, Tripura (Modified Industrial Infrastructure Up-gradation Scheme) (MIIUS) Rs.52.25 crores The objective of the project is to establish and up-grade the Common Industrial Infrastructure facilities at R. K. Nagar at about 226.16 acres of land which is to be developed into a national level industrial centre providing all modern amenities for the growth of Industries the State of Tripura making a Gateway to North East for transshipment to Bangladesh through Chittagong port. This industrial area is prospective of domestic industry. Bamboo Park project is also very adjacent to this project where Bamboo processing, oil & gas (IOCL), Textile Sectors which are considered with high Growth potential in Tripura.
3. Closed Exhibition Centre at Hapania Rs.55.87 crores An exhibition centre has created an important link in the chain of economic growth. The proposed exhibition centre having a well resolved architectural and administrative programme could be positioned to provide a firm platform. The exhibition centre could facilitate the people culture to be linked sensitivity to a correct business approach and create a stage for dynamic growth in the right direction. In this exhibition centre, a big exhibition hall is air conditioned exhibition ground, Auditorium business/ convention centre, VIP launge, parking place, Rest house, Restaurant etc. This facility typically offers sufficient floor area to accommodate several thousand attendants.
4. Land Custom Centre at Manughat, Kailashahar, Unokoti District Rs.12.62 crores Manughat Land Custom Station presently handling cargo and passenger both of the country Bangladesh & India as well. Bangladesh land is near to Moulabi Bazar of Sylect district Bangladesh. This is very important LCS, now up-gradation is very essential considering Import & Export promoting business. Land is at zero line both of Bangladesh & India. Export & Import business of Food Product, Cement, stones etc. are of major work.
5. Integrated Infrastructure Development Centre at Sarasima. Rs.10.823 crores Project is very nearly Railway Station and well connected with Agartala Capital town. IIDC which would provide a positive thrust towards Industrial Development in the area. The land is covered with boundary wall. Infrastructure facilities like road, water supply, power connection, Drainage etc. have been developed. This area is feasible for good industrial aspect as Bangladesh & port is very near, Railway connectivity also indicates positive side.
6. Up-gradation of Badharghat Rs.8.274 crores Badharghat is situated well within the city of Agartala. The site has excellent for air and rail connectivity. Existing industries are running well. After development Nos. of land plots are available for establishing industry etc. The land area is covered with boundary wall, 3 gates are constructed, roads, water supply, electric supply, gas line etc. have been established.